Rajshahi Mango | A Land for Amm in Bangladesh

The main mango growing region in Bangladesh is the Rajshahi division. For this reason, the Rajshahi mango is a famous word. Rajshahi Mango Districts around this division are Chapainawabganj, Naogaon, Natore are popular for mango production. They have acres of land of mango garden in here. Rajshahi Mango is available to the market from March…

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Our Mango

We supply mango from Rajshahi,Chapainawabganj, natore, Daneshwor. Redirect for the garden without any formalin.


We receive money before the delivey mango.


Here is the timeline of mango. Gopal Vog, Himsagar,Langra, Amropoli, Harivanga, Surma, Fajli.